Retirement Strategies Presentation

This presentation was from last night’s Oviedo Junto meeting.

In this example, a person can get $552 USD more per month if they work until the full retirement age of 67. Work 5 more years and get $552 more a month, it seems compelling…until you dive into the numbers.

retirement strategies.pdf (5.2 MB)

Here are a few more insights.

  • Change the investment interest rate from 10% to 6%, and the retire-at-67 person will catch up with the retire-at-62 person after 32 years, age 99
  • If we drop compounding altogether, change the interest rate to 0%, the retire-at-67 person catches up after 13 years 11 months, age 81
  • SSA just sent me a message telling me to expect a 5.6% increase starting with the January payment

At the end of the day I ask myself, who is a better steward of my retirement, me and private industry or the US government?