The Profound Potential of SpaceX Starship

Two snippets to share and a link to an awesome article on SpaceX Starship

The first snippet is about the impact of innovation.

Starship won’t just give us the ability to send human explorers to Mars, the moon, and other destinations in the inner solar system, it offers us a two-order-of-magnitude increase in overall operational capability to do pretty much anything we want to do in space.

And a snippet on the status quo.

… Responsibility for development shifted to people who had never done anything like it before, so the program limped along well into a new century, with a performance-degraded final design and not even a test flight to show for some 30 years of effort, and more than $20 billion worth of expenditures.

I read the China already stole/cloned it. So everyone’s going to be chucking those things up.

I saw a China Falcon 9 like photo, not that I trust photos, but it will be interesting to see how they deal with the technical details. The China state media will try to cover this but the Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly events should be spectacular.