Personal Message Encryption

Junto Cafe uses the Discourse Encrypt plugin for end-to-end encryption. The default is no-encryption. Each user may optionally enable this capability.

Discourse Encrypt is a plugin that enables private, encrypted messaging between end-users. All sensitive information is stored securely on the server and is encrypted and decrypted only on the client-side.

To use it, a user must create a single cipher key by clicking a button in their preferences. A set of 12 words is randomly generated. These words are to be stored in a safe place, on paper or electronically.

  1. From the user menu, click the user icon
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Scroll down and select Enable Encrypted Messages
  4. Select Generate Paper Key
  5. A set of 12 words are randomly generated. Save to a safe place, on paper or digitally.

When sending a PM to a user who has also enabled encryption, you will see a padlock icon indicating that the message will be encrypted. There is also a trash can icon with a clock indicating the message will be trashed after a specified amount of time.

To enable encryption for the same user on a second device, enter the same 12 words on that device. Note the security key is case sensitive and spaces matter.

Anytime you clear Junto Cafe cookies you will need to re-enter your 12 work encryption key.

If you should clear the cookies in your browser, or access Junto Cafe from a new device. You need to supply the 12-word phrase.