March 10, 2021, Stephen Little presenting on Poverty Point Louisiana at Darrell Wagner's House

This Wednesday’s Junto will start at 8:00 pm at the house of Darrell Wagner, 9993 Lake Georgia Dr, Orlando, FL 32817, map. This is a special event, Darrell is hosting for the last time at this location, he is selling the house. There is plenty of parking among the trees on either side of the long driveway.

The speaker for the evening is Stephen Little presenting on Poverty Point Louisiana and surrounding Indian tribes. The presentation will begin at 8:30 pm.

While I have you, please think about a venue for Saint Patrick’s Day March 17th the following week. All of the local restaurants were shut down last year, many have since gone out of business, and many are struggling. Perhaps we meet a little sooner so we have time to drink their green beer, eat their food and give them a little support.