Junto Presentation Topics

What should we discuss next week

New Junto’s!!

We do need a thread “Junto presentation topic ideas”. It would be interesting to get some outside presenters to either Zoom call in or present at a meeting.

  1. Perseverance Rover’s descent and touchdown on Mars
  2. RFID credit card protection, a credit card-sized RFID blocking device for security
  3. Faraday pouch for your cell phone, several of us now have them, for preventing your cell from eavesdropping on you
  4. Does your WiFi suck? The new Home Mesh Networks are awesome, inexpensive, and easy to use
  5. How to make cool looking Cafe posts! :stuck_out_tongue:
  6. How to make posts that link to other posts or the Internet
  7. Blowing up styrofoam cups with freon and water
  8. Parler, a security nightmare, and if it ever comes back why I’ll probably never use it
  9. I’ll second @Chip in discussing new Juntos
  10. Bayesian Theory With Practical Examples, i.e., Mental Food - Part 2
  11. Post Election Financial Markets and Projection For 2021
  12. Crypto Coins and a look at the 1% that have merit as defined by momentum
  13. Given Covid fear is still widespread, what are good vacation ideas to consider?
  14. Intermittent fasting, real-world experimentation, and results
  15. Statistical review of the 2020 election. How many votes did Biden legally and illegally get? Verses Trump? How anomalous were GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ or were there anomalies everywhere?
  16. A legal look at 2020 election laws, Georgia voting laws, will voting laws be the same or different in 2024? Did Covid change voting laws forever?
  17. Blockchain voting and user authentication. A look at electronic voting in Estonia.
  18. What is opensource software and why are closed source systems such as Dominion Voting a bad idea? Hint, why are the best encryption standards open source?

Would be even better if members could email/post discussion points that would automatically populate an agenda that could be used for the evite. Is that something Discourse could do?

Yes, I think users can email to junto.cafe and add to this list. They need a specific email address to do so. I’ll look into it.

I am working with Luke on a presentation on truck driving. Do you think anyone would be interested?

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I do think people would be interested. I doubt anyone has an inside view of driving, the industry, incentives, risk and reward, and 24/7 on the road. Would he be ready for the next meeting?

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Just got confirmation from Luke, he is planning on presenting on life as a long haul trucker

This Wednesday

That sounds great Tom, I’m planning on being there !