Junto Moderator - Moderating a Great Junto Meeting

Junto Moderator - Role and Responsibilities

The Moderator is the master of ceremonies for the evening and the public face of the Junto during a meeting. The Moderator, part of the Presenter-Moderator-Host team, makes sure that the meeting runs smoothly, is productive, and is entertaining for everyone. The Moderator assists the Presenter in setting up presentation equipment or printing any handouts. The role of the Moderator is considered to be a prime assignment!

Prior to the meeting

  • Contact the Presenter and confirm the following:

    1. Date, time, and location of the meeting
    2. Approximate time the presentation will begin, and the duration, generally 30 minutes, with additional time for questions
    3. Topic of the presentation, make sure it is not too broad or too specific and will be of interest to the Junto members
    4. Discuss how to handle questions and feedback
    5. Discuss 5 minute, and 1-minute signal to wrap up the presentation
    6. Presentation requirements, Internet access, laptop, display screen, HDMI cable, printing, or other handouts
  • Coordinate with the meeting Host to address any particular presentation or meeting issues or requirements

At the meeting, the Moderator should:

  1. Arrive early
  2. Confirm presentation technicals are acceptable
  3. Coordinate and confirm with the Host and Presenter the meeting details

General meeting outline, key point, THE Moderator IS IN CHARGE:

  1. Arrival and social period, typically first 30 minutes
  2. Call meeting to order, typically 30 minutes from the start time
  3. Announce agenda: 1-old business, 2-new business, 3-presentation, 4-snack, 5-rants & raves, 6-social session
  4. Address old business: Reference last week’s presentation and follow-up questions and comments.
  5. Address new business: Announce next meeting details, date, time, location, presentation topic.
  6. Open the floor for short announcements. Keep meeting moving.

During the presentation and administrative parts of the meeting, keep the meeting moving, avoid long discussions, avoid private discussions, keep responses under a minute. THE MODERATOR IS IN CHARGE.

Moderate the presentation:

  1. Introduce the speaker and topic
  2. Announce the presentation duration, generally 30 minutes
  3. Address how questions should be asked and handled. It is typically either:
    a. “Please hold your questions until the end of the presentation” or
    b. “Please ask your questions during the presentation”
  4. Keep the presentation moving and on track. Defer detailed and side discussions until after the presentation
  5. Keep track of time and offer 5 fingers with five minutes to go and 1 finger when it is time to wrap up the presentation
  6. Thank the Presenter and moderate the question and answer period, time permitting

Moderate Junto Rants & Raves Around The Group:
Everyone in the group gets an opportunity to voice a thought called a rant or rave. What is a rant and rave you ask?

  • A rant is a very brief and succinct statement that can be expressed with a single breath of air, typically 60 seconds or less. It may be something that irked you recently or deserving of the group’s attention. It is kept short so everyone can have a turn.
  • A rave is also very brief and succinct but generally of positive nature, perhaps about a new restaurant, business, or service in town.
  • In executing moderator duties, the moderator should:
    1. Provide a description of a rant and rave to any invited guests or new members
    2. Lead off with an experienced Junto member
    3. Keep rants moving, encourage brief discussion, $1 donation from anyone that gets long-winded

General meeting management:

  1. Make sure everyone is having a good time
  2. Make sure a few members do not dominate the discussion, if necessary ask members to take discussions aside
  3. It is OK to be a little formal at times by injecting one or more of Franklin’s 24 questions into the discussion

The success of a meeting depends on the success of the host, moderator, and presenter. As a moderator, you are playing an important role in your group. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.