Junto Meeting Host - Hosting A Great Meeting

Junto Host - Role and Responsibilities

The Host, part of the Presenter-Moderator-Host team, provides the location and general mood for the event and a snack. It is difficult to have a good meeting if the hosting is insufficient. You can have a good presentation and a good moderator, but the meeting can be tainted by a poor hosting situation. We want the members and guests to have a good time and gain insight from the presentation and other guests, but this cannot happen without a good venue and host.

General venue guidelines:

  1. A covered, outdoor setting that can accommodate 8 to 12 people.
  2. Privacy for the meeting, a setting where people can speak freely.
  3. Noise in the area should be minimal to allow play of music and/or multi-media.
  4. The surroundings should tolerate a certain amount of robust discussion and music.
  5. Restroom facilities.
  6. The venue can be very basic but at minimum, it needs to be clean, safe, and private.

Parking and site access:

  1. Make sure there is room for member and guest cars.
  2. The host should share specific parking requirements with the Junto secretary, for example: “park in the street”.
  3. Be clear with the secretary with instructions for meeting access, i.e., “meet around back” or “go to the front door”.

Meeting snack:

  1. Generally, the host will provide a moderate snack for the members and guests.
  2. Example snacks include: BBQ chicken wings or legs, brats or sausages. A veggie tray, peanuts, and chips will also work.
  3. It is fun to cook for a group, but if you are trying something for the first time, you might want to have a backup plan in place.
  4. The concept is to keep the cost down while providing basic sustenance.

Presentation facilities:

  1. The host should work with the Moderator and Presenter to provide sufficient presentation facilities.
  2. The Presenter may require Internet access, sound, or a monitor for displaying multimedia.

General meeting management:

  1. In conjunction with other members, it is important to monitor alcohol consumption and when necessary offer Uber or other transportation home.
  2. The Host will work with the Moderator to manage the meeting closing time.
  3. Before most guests leave, it is a good idea to announce the date, time, location, and topic for the next meeting. There are more details in the moderator notes.

The success of a meeting depends on the success of the host, moderator, and presenter. As a host, thank you for sharing the meeting space. You are playing an important role in your group. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.