Is the energy cost of Bitcoin too high?

Are the energy sources supporting the US Dollar completely green? No! Perhaps there is an agenda with those casting doubt on Bitcoin.


  • They have an interest in Gold or some other crypto such as Doge?
  • They are trying to suppress Bitcoin price in order to buy in?
  • They have 55 million followers in social media and are entertained by making markets jump by posting a few tweets?

Elon Musk has been propping up Doge (initially a joke), yet Tesla has not sold their Bitcoin, they just, for now, will not accept it for purchase of a vehicle.

Here we learn that the actual energy cost for Bitcoin is down in the noise, a small fraction of energy that is already waisted, only using energy in locations that have an excess of energy. The benefit to the planet is a currency/asset that people can trust. It is 8 minutes, worth a view.

So predictable that those with an agenda will only tell the part of the story that meets their needs.

He probably got bribed with ‘carbon credits’ for his businesses.