Aftershokz OpenComm Bluetooth headset with boom mic

As a tech guy, I have bought a lot of gadgets over the years and this is one of the best. It uses bone conduction sound leaving your ears open to better hear the environment around you. The speakers press against the skin just in front of your ears. At 20Hz-20KHz you get the full audio range of the human ear. They are lightweight and can be worn all day. The noise-canceling boom mike is excellent. There can be wind noise in some conditions when riding a bike but otherwise, the recording quality is very good. On my Mac, I use it to record audio, otherwise, it is paired with my Android phone playing music or audiobooks. It is a perfect companion for long walks with audiobooks or doing chores around the house.

As for negatives, at $160 it is expensive. Also, the user manual that ships with it is printed with a micro-font that was difficult to read. I copied the information to make the table below. I bought it directly from Aftershokz, link.


While your headsets and cellphone are connected.

Function Action Voice Prompt
Play/Pause Single Click One beep
Next song Double click when playing music One beep
Previous song Triple click while playing music One beep
Answer call Single click Two beeps
End call Single click One beep
Answer the call waiting and hang up current call Hold for 2s One beep
Reject a call Hold for 2s One beep
Activate voice assistant Hold for 2s No prompt
Call back the last number Double clicks when standby To call the last number

Volume + / On-off; Volume -

Function Action Voice Prompt
Power ON Press and hold on-off key for 2s Welcome to AfterShokz
Power OFF Press and hold on-off key for 3s Power off
Mute Press and hold both buttons for 2s while on a call “Mute on” or “Mute off”
Switch EQ Press and hold both buttons for 3s while playing music EQ Switch
Adjust volume Press Volume + or Volume - button One beep

LED Indicator

Solid red Charging
Solid blue Charging complete
Flashes red and blue Pairing mode
Flashes blue Incoming call
Flashes red every two minutes Low battery

Headsets Specification

Part number ASC100 Frequency 20Hz-20KHz
Speaker Bone conduction speaker Microphone type Dua DSP noise-canceling mic
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth v5.0 Bluetooth range 10 m
Charge time 90 min Battery Lithium Battery
Compatible profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP Weight 32 g
Continuous play Up to 8 hours Standby time Up to 10 days
Bluetooth working frequency range 2402 MHz-2480MHz
Warranty 2 years Maximum RF output power 4 dBm
Charge voltage 5V +/-5% Water resistance IP55
Speaker impedance 8.5ohm +/-20% Battery capacity 170 mAh

User manual
Users-Manual-4717634.pdf (1.4 MB)