Welcome to Junto Cafe

January 25, 2021


Welcome to the Junto Cafe, a forum for mutual improvement in the spirit of the Junto created by Benjamin Franklin in 1727. You’ll find topics on the History of Junto, how to start your own Junto, tips for being a better presenter as well as private Junto club forums.

The word “junto” (pronounce HOON-toe) means “together” in Spanish, and refers to a group of people joined for a common purpose.

To join you will need an invitation from an existing member. If you have an invitation, here is a little help getting started. There may be a Junto in your area, see the list of Junto groups. If not, consider starting your own Junto with a starter kit. Are you part of a Junto? Make sure your group is on the list, if not, contact us.

Already a member? Skip to the forum. In the future, you can skip this page by bookmarking https://junto.cafe.

Have a great day and create a new library, post office, wood stove, or lightning rod, or something like that. The world needs your innovation and community service!

Junto Cafe